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New Products Usher In A New Era For Industrial Refrigeration 
Author:  2013-7-2 10:45:53 

    When we talk about green, we talk about Danfoss
In accordance with the theme of the exhibition this year, “Ecological construction and public service satisfaction”, Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration presented a series of seminars focusing on green & technology leading solutions. Areas covered included CO2 refrigerant, high-level end user applications, automatic control solutions, and future technology trends.

    During the forum entitled “Join the Green Trend of New Refrigerants”, Danfoss shared the latest information on CO2 refrigerant technologies and recent industry success stories.

    Creativity caught a lot of attention
With the goal to gain the attention of the refrigeration professionals in attendance, the Danfoss team exhibited their latest products and field proven solutions. The entire FlexlineTM product line was on display. The FlexlineTM platform with its award winning modular design includes the ICV control valve, ICF valve station, and the SVL line components. The FlexlineTM program has helped to bring the industry into a new era of modulation and flexibility.

    Danfoss’ newest product, the ICLX valve won the CR 2013 “Annual Innovation Award”. The ICLX series two-step, servo-operated main valve impressed the awards committee with its excellent product features that include a simple change from a two steps to a one step function, fully hermetic, and no pressure differential needed to operate.

    Also include at the Danfoss booth was a product simulation display that was equipped with an AKS 4100 liquid level sensor and an EKC 347 electronic controllers. This enabled the attendees to easily witness the process of liquid level monitoring and controlling.  “The innovation we have developed is not only specific to the products and technologies. We also provide tailor-made solutions that are customer and application specific. We continuously work to improve our customer support and service to promote the industries in a more favourable way”, stated Carsten Dahlgaard, IR Global Strategic Marketing Director.

    Drawing Danfoss
    The Danfoss IR China team developed a new creative way to display the products, applications and introduce Danfoss to the public at this exhibition. The approached that was used was a video with cartoon drawings. In this animated video, the IR products are the “stars” by taking the leading roles to show that Danfoss is actively working to improve the quality of life. Please take a few minutes to enjoy our animated video by clicking the following link. We hope you enjoy the show!