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Build Water Expo 2013 
Address:shanghai International Exhibition Center 
Front For:shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. 
Time:2013-7-3 9:44:23  TO 2013-7-3 9:44:23 

Same period: The 15th Shanghai Villas Equipment Exhibition

The 9th Shanghai International Energy-saving & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition

Date: 2013 August 15th –August 17th 

Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center

Demensions: 60000m²

Exhibitors: 1000

Visitors: 70000

Organizers: Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association

Supporters: Shanghai Committee for Municipal and Rural Construction and Communication

Media: www.BuildwaterEXPO.com 

www.expojc.com  Sina: @weibo.com/esbuild

Brief Introduction:

The theme of Expo: “Safety water, Green building”

Building water supply and drainage system is an important part of the Green building, which ensures the safety; and quality of human consumption, and guarantees the public health. The success of " The Build Water EXPO Shanghai " Exhibition provides an excellent platform of display for the well-known enterprises in the Building water industry, high-quality buyers, real estate developers, construction design institute, building developers, architects and other high-end customers.

The background of Expo: high starting point & high quality

Sponsored by the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association and Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., "ESBUILD and 2012 Shanghai building water Expo" was successfully held in August 15-17, 2012 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. “ESBUILD " is the first exhibition for Asian architecture energy saving, Ufi by the country's first International Exhibition Industry Association certification of building materials exhibition, under the special exhibition are: energy-saving building materials exhibition, villa facilities exhibition, building heating exhibition and build water exhibition, theme clearly, Different products, different Pavilion, industrial chain is more perfect, more choice for visitors. Building Water Expo as a " ESBUILD " in the thematic exhibition, becomes the highlight of the exhibition!  With " safety water, green building " as the theme, the show focused on building water supply, drainage, building water, building Water saving equipment and the most advanced products and technology.

The last review: the brand gathers shiny in Shanghai

The last exhibition gathered today 's  world 's most representative building brands, such as BASF, Dow, Henkel,Bnbm,Bayer,Vaillant, Miergu, five-star, Menred, Sorbonne, Weixing, AKAN,Hippo,Miles,Puretown,Kaiser,Huidon,Tianli,Hopelook,Chrysostom,Xinang,Aquatherm,Joe Fu,South pump, Tyco, REHAU, Wheaton, Modi bathroom, Clio, Bentair etc.. The three days of exhibition, attracted 638 exhibitors, and 55480 visitors from more than 20 countries and regions


Building water supply and Drainage Design Institute, research institutes, design, management software; consulting, certification, education and other related services;

Building Water Secondary Water Supply System: laminated (no negative pressure) water supply equipment, frequency speed regulation water supply equipment, pressure water supply

Solar water heaters and building integrated systems;
The same floor drainage system;
Building fire water supply technology and equipment;
Siphon roof rainwater drainage collection system, rainwater utilization systems;
Building hot water and drinking water: water quality treatment before heating, boilers (steam, oil, and electricity), industrial waste heat, geothermal, solar and solar assisted heating device, drinking water systems, home water filtration systems;
Water measurement: water meter, remote meter reading system;
The drainage system of swimming pool: pressure filter tank, hair gathering device, filter coagulant,  algaecide, PH value regulator, disinfectants (chlorine, wandering powder), wave device;
Sewage drainage system;
Water supply and drainage system of fountain;

New Pipeline: plastic pipe; steel plastic composite pipe; brass, metal corrugated pipes , stainless steel tube; brass, pipe fittings and other similar materials;

Valves: globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve; check valve, relief valve, alarm valve, hydraulic control valves, backflow prevention device, vacuum breaking devices, pressure gauges, etc.;

Pumps: water supply pump (single stage, multistage pumps, horizontal, vertical, variable pump, etc.); submersible pumps, sewage pumps, submersible sewage pumps;

Water systems: water tanks, water storage tanks, etc;

Sanitary Wares:special single-riser,lifting plants,concealed cisterns,Trap seals ,the floor drain,water-saving appliances; faucets, toilets, showers, etc.;
Drainage clearing and treatment plant: grease traps, plastic chambers, small sewage treatment plants, pipeline clearing devices;

Isolators: pipes, water pump noise vibration isolation devices and accessories, water hammer eliminators;

Sealing: water supply and drainage with a variety of sealing materials, such as: the sealing materials and corrosion materials for connections of pipes, pumps, valves and etc.

One Standing Service:

During the exhibition we will invite those architects all over the world to the meeting, discussing the Water Treatment Technology and Equipment .

ES BUILD is the best energy-saving building material exhibition in Asia. Every year we cooperate with those guilds from all over the world, such as America, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, and other countries or areas. We invite those foreign buyers to come to our exhibition, making our “ESBUILD” known by world.

Organizers will use all the way to popularize the exhibition . Such as Internet Website, DM, SMS, EMS, video, TV and so on. We will try our best to make our exhibition known by those professional visitors, manufacturer, buyers, governments and agents.

Organizers will open weibo in sina, and make the summary of exhibition companies, send to the buyers


International Area      
Standard Booth     USD2600.00/9m²

Raw Space            USD260.00/m²


1.  Standard Booth(3m×3m)=m2; Supply: 2.5m wainscot, Title bar, a desk, two chairs, a 10A/220V socket, spot lights, rug.

2.  Raw Space: At least 36 m2,and additional cost for water ,electric box and other payment.

3.  Free service:

Cleaning and 24hours public security 

Supply exhibition tickets and invitation for the guests of exhibitors.

Summary of company in 200 words on the exhibition manual.

Exhibition position and arrangement

1. Exhibit companies should pay more than 50% cost of participation in five days,and pay the rest before June 20th ,2013,we will send ticket after receive the money.

2. Please fax the bank slip after pay the money.

3. The exhibit area will save for exhibitors after receive 50% the cost of participation.

4. After receive the payment ,we will send < Working Manual> to exhibit companies before June 15th. 

Connect with:

Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

ADD:18F NO.8 Sheng Ze Road Shanghai,China(200002)

TEL: +86-21-6052 2696            

FAX: +86-21-5010 0780                 

E-mail: market@buildwaterexpo.com


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