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2013 the 5th yongjia pump & valve fair of china 
Address:international exhibition and convention center of wenzhou 
Front For:zhejiang economy and information committee the people's government of wenzhou, china 
Time:2013-7-3 9:55:05  TO 2013-7-3 9:55:05 
period: oct.25-27,2013 time: 9:00-16:30
venue: international exhibition and convention center of wenzhou,china
sponsor:zhejiang economy and information committee the people's government of wenzhou, china
organizer:the people's government of yongjia, china wenzhou economy and information committee wenzhou bureau of commerce jinying ad. co., ltd ,yongjia economic and trade bureau executor:jinying ad.co.,ltd.,
co-sponsors:zhejiang pump & valve industry association,ccpit wenzhou branch

Users and suppliers
Food industry
Electronic industry
Metallurgical industry
General chemical
Environmental protection
Machinery industry
Fire protection
Medicine industry
Petrol, gas and chemical industry
Electronic engineer industry
Building industry
Professional distributor
Professional trade
Water treatment industry
Relative industry service
Relative associations
Relative college and institute

Participation Fees and Other Charges��

The following net participation fees have been set for PVPEW 2013. Minimum size of raw space application is 27 square meters and minimum size of standard booth application is 9 square meters.
Raw Space: USD  320/sq.m (peninsular booth and corner booth)
Standard Booth: USD 2,800/9sq.m

Free services provided:

a. Include company profile in both Chinese and English within 300 words in the fair periodical (we accept electronic formats only in Word or email and no manuscript) Note: company profile and words printed on the banners shall be emailed or faxed to cc66cn@hotmail.com before the deadline Oct. 10th, and all profiles after that would be regarded as giving up.
b. Admission tickets and invitation card for exhibitors to invite their clients
c. Regular cleaning in exhibition area and 24-hour safeguard
d. The undertaking unit may undertake the foreign guest which the participation enterprise invites to unfold the meeting three day-long food and lodging expenses, if the expensive business has the need please ahead of time to register, altogether limits 20 foreign guests.

Advertisement booking

1. Ads in the catalogue:

We will publish a professional catalogue, and it will be gathered into systemic complete book of companies. We donate the book to all visitors, users, professionals and the best saler. Standard charges for advertising is as follows:

Page           Back cover         Inside Front        Page 1            Inside Back      Full page

Price(USD) US$ 1,500           US$ 1,200         US$1,200        US$ 1,100       US$800  


Application procedures:

a. Fill out the application form and mail or fax to the fair undertaker. 
b. The applicant shall pay 50% deposit within 5 days from the date of application, and the balance should be paid within 30 days before the date of opening ceremony. 
c. After paying off all charges and fees within 30 days before the date of opening ceremony, the applicant shall fax the payment receipt to the financial division of the undertaker. 
d. When the booth is confirmed, the undertaker shall send Exhibitor Manual. This manual contains related information such as transportation of displayed goods, design and setting of booth, accommodation, rents, ritual service, advertising and application and so on. The exhibitors shall fill out related tables in the manual to its requirements and send it back the undertaker before Sep. 30, 2013. Apply before Sep 30, 2013.


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