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XiangFan Wu Er Wu Pump industry Co., Ltd. 
Product Name: S Series Double Suction Pump 
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Class: Pump - Other Pump
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1. General Introduction
S Series Double Suction Pump is single-stage, double suction, horizontal centrifugal Pumps, which is special designed per to the theory and practical experience of centrifugal pump.
It provides reliability, effectively, conservation and long working life and generalization. S series pump is applied in the field of chemical and petrochemical industries, refineries, paper making factory , supplementary water supply of electric factory and municipal , irrigation and all kinds of hydraulic engineering.Pump's working temperature is up to 130oC.

2 Structure Description
Referring to the S series pump, both of its suction inlet and outlet are placed below the pump's axis and perpendicular to axis. There is no need to knock down inlet and outlet pipes and motor on the occasion of maintenance.
After quiet balance test, impeller may be fixed on the axle with the axle sleeve and both sides' axle sleeve nut. The axial position can be adjusted through the axle sleeve nut. Utilizing the symmetrical, two sides of impeller assigns to be balance.
Sealing of pump shaft is available with packed stuffing or 103 mechanical sealing method.