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Tianjin Ganquan Group Corporation 
Product Name: QGWZ, QGWZS Axial Flow Pump - Tubular Type 
Product Model: QGWZ, QGWZS 
Class: Pump - Turbulence Pump
Product Origin: Tianjin, China 
Supply Ability: 10000sets/year 
Price Terms: T/T 
Minimum Order:
Certification(s): ISO14001, ISO9001:2008. CE 

Radial bearing and double-direction thrust bearing are installed in the sealing bearing cavity of the motor with the impeller. The dynamic seals of the rotary bearing bearing cavity adopt floating seals or mechanical seals to prevent water from entering into the bearing cavity.

Nominal outlet diameter: 350 - 1400mm

Head: 0-10m

Flow rate: 0.2 - 5m3/s

Power: 7.5 - 500Kw

Voltage: 380 - 660V

Water conditions:

Water temperature≤50C

pH value: 4 - 10

Water quality is mild sewage water. The equivalent diameter of allowed articles≤1/10 of nominal outlet dia., and there is no plenty of fiber sundries.