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Zhejiang Fengyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. 
Product Name: WQD, WQ Sewage Submersible Pump 
Product Model:  
Class: Pump - Submersible Pump
Product Origin:  
Supply Ability:  
Price Terms:  
Minimum Order:  
1) Application: mining, building pits, factory, sewage processor etc.
2) Operating conditions: maximum environmental temperature: 40°C
3) pH scale ranges from 4 to 10       
4) Density of liquid: 1.3g/cm³

1) Power supply: single phase: 220V/50Hz; three phases: 380V/50Hz
2) Power: 0.75 -1.1kW (single phase); 0.75-7.5kW (three phases)
3) Insulation class: F
4) Protection grade: IP 58
5) Capacities: up to 150m³/h
6) Total Heads: up to 45m
7) Solid handing capabilities: 20 - 35mm
8) Discharge size: 1.1/2", 2", 2.1/2", 3", 4", 6"
9) Maximum submerged depth: 5m