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Taizhou Ling XinElectromotor Co., Ltd. 
Product Name: Diving Pump 
Product Model:  
Class: Pump - Driven Pump
Product Origin:  
Supply Ability:  
Price Terms:  
Minimum Order:  
For the supply and sewerage use of in farm field, aquiculture and oultry, gardens hotel, mess hall and highrise building and so on.

The source water should be rinsing at room temperature, the insoluble granule should be less than 0. 1%(0. 2mm MAX), Ph6. 5-8. 5, Such as the river water, lake water, well water etc. The pump should be used around the range of its specified delivery lift, The delivery lift should not be too low, If it is lower than 80% of the specified delivery lift. The heat protector will be easy to work, It may stop the pump, Even the eleltirc motor be damaged.