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Liaocheng Lange Precision Steel Pipe.CO.,LTD
Type: Buy
Subject: china steel pipeSteel Tube India
Class: Others - Others Class
Period of validity: 2013/2/11 16:27:26 TO 2013/3/10
Details: No Details
china steel pipeSteel Tube India Steel Tube India  network successfully completed the construction period and well into the first revision stage. The world's first steel website, buy steel products, steel platform to do the best, lasted more than two months, the World Steel Tube http://www.steel-tube.org/ network to complete her second transformation, the end of 8 complete revision. The first revision either from the whole face, feature set or the user module has done a great improvement, adding a series of new features, and again refresh the day hits : 23000 / day. In Baidu search: " Tube " " China Steel Tube " " world steel net " " Chinese supplier " and other key words in the search results ranking first in nature. Can let customers in the shortest possible time to find and enter the world of Tube network, greatly improving the world steel net brand image, ensure that the user the use effect. Under this premise, the United States, Algeria, India and Singapore and the EU, South Korea, Algeria, Iran and Indonesia and other countries of the customers