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Liaocheng Lange Precision Steel Pipe.CO.,LTD
Type: Buy
Subject: Steel Tube Boiler
Class: Others - Others Class
Period of validity: 2013/2/15 10:08:32 TO 2013/3/14
Details: No Details
Seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe Boiler tubes Pipe Alloy tube 
Other pipes Tube steel Other fittings Galvanized pipe Special Pipes 
Line Pipe Machining tube Pipe machinery Stainless steel plate Stainless steel coil Steel Tube Boiler
Stainless steel strip Stainless steel industry board Processing equipment World Steel Tube http://www.steel-tube.org/ network to complete her second transformation, the end of 8 complete revision. The first revision either from the whole face, feature set or the user module has done a great improvement, adding a series of new seamless steel tube and steel tube, steel tube referred to as direct every steel tube. Steel tube in tube end connection mode can be divided into: light tube ( tube end without thread ) and threading tube ( tube end with a threaded )