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Express Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kakichi
Date Joined:2014/1/7
 Shanghai better Kat Logistics Limited is a has more mass of specifically engaged in fast games service of professional, franchise Shanghai to country round distribution warehouse, for integration of enterprise, and this company organization sound, and strength strong, and experience, and facilities perfect, and has thousands of home cooperation partners. company has various tonnage of all type vehicles, can undertake large, and small tonnage goods (whole car LTL are can) can for goods agent in

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Company Name: Express Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kakichi
Contact Person: Manager Yang Yan
Address: CN       Shanghai PuTuo
Zip: 021335
Telephone: 86-021-33725938-
Fax: 33725938
Website: http://www.shjj56.com.cn
E-mail: www.shbcw.com@126.com
QQ or MSN: