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Huanqiu Valve Group Co., Ltd.
Date Joined:2007/2/2
Founded in 1994, Huanqiu Valve Group Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of industrial valves. We supply a broad range of products to various industries like chemistry, neurochemistry, oil refinery, gas, power plant, water supply and metallurgy, etc. Our group is the member of the following organizations: China General Machinery Valve Association, China Petrochemical Materials & Recourse Market, and The Class Supply Network of China Petroleum Corporation. Our products include gate valves, ball valves,
Tri-Eccentric B
Pressure Seal L
Forged Steel Ch
Swing Check Val
Forged Steel Gl

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Company Name: Huanqiu Valve Group Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Shizhong Tian
Address: CN 0 0 0 Huanqiu Industrial Park, Sanqiao Industrial Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. China
Zip: 325105
Telephone: 86-577-67371040
Fax: 86-577-67376038
Website: http://www.haqun.com
E-mail: market@haqun.com
QQ or MSN: