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Anhui Sanlian Pump Co., Ltd.
Date Joined:2007/4/5
As a large-scale enterprise of scientific research, manufacturing and trading, entitled to independent import & export, Sanlian Pump Industry Group, director unit of China Pump Association and key enterprise of State Bureau of Machine Building Industry, includes Anhui Sanlian Pump Industry Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Sanlian Pump Industry Co., Ltd.. The former is a production base in Hexian County in Anhui Province and the latter is a R&D and trade center occupying 100,000sqm, located in Shanghai Nan
Type S Horizont
SCP Self-primin
IS(R) Centrifug
ISZ Direct Conn
SLSLR Type Vert

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Company Name: Anhui Sanlian Pump Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: bangong shi
Address: CN       Hecheng Economic Development Zone, Anhui
Zip: 238200
Telephone: 86-565-5312726-
Fax: 86-565-5312336
Website: http://www.sanlianpump.com
E-mail: bangongshi@sanlianpump.com
QQ or MSN: